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Welcome … That is me up there with my daughter Imala and on the left is my bear Keeto. I also have an amazing husband, but my dog won the photo spot because he is way cuter to look at!

You would love to have professional photos taken of you and your family but you have been putting it off. OMG I know there are a million reasons you think you should wait until next year! You don’t have time. Your kids are being really feral at the moment. You are just too damn tired. You think there is absolutely no way your little people will sit still in front of a camera for more than five seconds, never mind a whole hour. You have no clue how to style yourself, let alone your whole family. And the list could go on. I know I have been there.

You need someone to make the whole experience easy, fun and chilled. You need someone who can laugh with you if your kids are being crazy, someone who understands that being in front of a camera does not come naturally to you. Someone who can get great photos of you and your family without being crazy with the posing. Someone who knows that your kids are totally going to need bribes to keep them on track at an hour long shoot.

Yep it’s me ! You need me !

My website is a little bit different from other photographers’ websites, You may have noticed I don’t have a blog. I have tried and tried but I really hate blogging! I am not a writer (I am sure you have worked that out by now). I can not give you all the lovely expressive words that should belong in a blog post. So I just decided to get rid off my whole blog post page. BUT I do have a page full of my recent work. Please go and check that out if you would like to see what shoots I have been doing lately. I can’t promise pretty words, however there are plenty of pretty photos to look at.


My sessions are all about playing, cuddling, being a little bit silly and I am not going to lie, there is a little bit of posing going to happen in there too, but it is mostly just us all chilling out together for an hour.

Family and Children session fee is $370

Included in this price is a one hour session and a digital download of 40 high resolution edited images from your session.

Extended Family session fee is $500

Included in this price is a one and a half hour session and a digital download of 60 high resolution edited images from your session.

In order to secure your session a non refundable deposit of $100 is required.

I also offer other limited sessions such as mothers group sessions and fine art water sessions. Keep an eye on my facebook page to find out when these are running.